Dino Diabetes journal: Dino Diabetes Journal

Dino Diabetes journal: Dino Diabetes Journal

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ISBN : 1546424326
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Apr, 24 2018

Product Description

Our goal is to create a simple, effective, convenient and easy to use daily diabetes journal for kids. Designed specifically for kids and their special needs.

With cute pages and dinosaur theme, we have strived to make the monitoring of your little one's blood sugar as easy and simple as possible. Great tool for toddlers with juvenile / type 1 diabetes.

Individual Daily Pages: Monday - Sunday

Weeks Conveniently Separated by Cute Illustrations<
Child Friendly Design

Cute Owl Themed Illustrations

Individual Meal Section, Including Snacks.

Blood Sugar Monitoring, Before / After Meals, Including

Bedtime and Night.

Shot Location

Basal Rate

Insulin / Carb Ratio

Correction / Target

Activity Notes

140 pages / 20 Weeks

Portable Size

Large Bold Print

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